Under Lavender Town

Under Lavender Town refers to the tunnels beneath Lavender Town containing the graves that have been moved from Pokémon Tower. This location does not appear in any official games, but it's alluded to in Generation II and HeartGold/SoulSilver that there are chambers only Mr. Fuji has access to where the Pokémon Tower memorials now reside. The player can access the tunnels under Lavender Town after winning the Rainbow Badge, through a passage that is the future site of the House of Memories. The southern part of the tunnels connects to Under Saffron City.


Pokémon Levels Rate
Cubone 22-25 1%
Ekans 22-24 4%
Gastly 24-25 30%
Golbat 24-25 4%
Haunter 25 11%
Misdreavus 22-24 5%
Raticate 24-25 10%
Rattata 22-25 20%
Sandshrew 22-24 5%
Zubat 22-24 10%
Spiritomb 30 Only One


Team Aqua Grunt

Team Magma Grunt


  • The background music for Under Lavender Town is a slowed down version of Lavender Town's theme from Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen.