Number F032
Type Steel / Poison
Subspecies Skarmory + Arkbok
Abilities Sturdy

Skarbok is a Steel/Poison type Pokémon Fusion of Skarmory and Arbok.

Skarbok has the body of Arbok, up to the signature cobra hood. Above that, it has the neck and head of a Skarmory. It also has the wings of a Skarmory protruding from the sides of the hood.

Obtaining SkarbokEdit

A Skarbok is owned by Koga, the (former) Gym Leader of Fuchsia City, who challenges the player character with it. After being defeated, Koga surrenders the Skarbok to the player character. This makes Skarbok one of the "major" Fusions in the game, one that the player is guaranteed to obtain.

Game DataEdit

Pokédex Info Edit

Armor Cobra Pokémon

HT 5'07"

WT 254.6 lbs

Pokédex EntryEdit

"It's a mystery how it can stay aloft for such long periods of time given its mass."


  • Fuchsia City (After beating Koga)


Move Level
Steel Wing Start
Acid Start
Air Cutter Start
Toxic Start