Pokémon Fusion Generation Wiki
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Pokemon Fusion Generation

Pokemon Fusion Generation is a fangame made with RPG Maker XP and Pokémon Essentials.


For legal reasons, this game cannot be downloaded here.


Main article: Tutorial:How to Install Pokémon Fusion Generation

1. Extract the contents of PokemonFusionGeneration.rar.

2. From the extracted folder, open Fonts. Highlight all the font files and install them (right click one of them and click Install). This only needs to be done once.

3. Run Game.exe.


Experience the untold story of the Fusion Generation, taking place between Generation III and Generation IV. Fusion Generation is a fan made sequel with a twist. When the League Champion from a faraway land travels to Kanto in hopes of taking on the Indigo Plateau, they'll discover things won't be so easy this time around. Bill invents a machine that fuses Pokémon together and Fusion hysteria consumes the region. It's up to you to keep these powerful new creatures out of the wrong hands, challenge the new and improved Gym Leaders of Kanto, discover over 100 Fusions, and become the Champion once again. Created with RPG Maker XP and Pokémon Essentials.


  • Z/Shift key - Dash
  • Arrow keys - Move the characters
  • X/Esc key - Opens the menu, cancels choices
  • C/Enter/Space key - Confirms choices, used to talk to people
  • F1 - Sound, display, keyboard, and gamepad options
  • F5 - Use a registered item


Pokémon Essentials

  • Peter O.
  • Maruno
  • Flameguru


  • Based on Curt's Region Starter Kit 


  • Cng's HGSS Kit
  • Fangking Omega
  • Maruno
  • Rocket Seviper Shadow
  • The Pokémon Database
  • Bulbapedia
  • PLDH
  • zingzags

All Fusions made by electrovert.


  • Mario Media


  • Hall of Fame by FL
  • Vs Sequence by Luka S.J

Fusion Generation II

Fusion Generation II is a sequel to Pokemon Fusion Generation and a parody of the Pokemon series featuring more than 400 Fusions with some contributed by some of the Internet's best splicers. In the game you can explore the mysterious Splicen Island, visit six other regions, and catch 440 different Fusions.