Number F010
Type Rock/Bug
Subspecies Heracross + Sudowoodo
Abilities Swarm, Guts

Herawoodo is a Rock and Bug-type Pokémon Fusion. It is a fusion of Heracross and Sudowoodo. It's the first Pokémon Fusion obtained in Pokémon Fusion Generation.

Brock's HerawoodoEdit

The only Herawoodo in Pokémon Fusion Generation belongs to Brock. It was created by Bill and given to Brock to use in Pewter Gym. Upon defeating Brock, he will surrender it to the player.

Game DataEdit

Pokédex InfoEdit

Imitation Pokémon

HT 4'11"

WT 202.8 lbs

Pokédex EntryEdit

"It would be easily mistaken for a tree like Sudowoodo, if not for its aggressive tendencies."


Base StatsEdit

HP 75
Attack 112
Defense 95
Speed 57
Special Attack 35
Special Defense 80


Move Level
Mimic Start
Flail Start
Rock Tomb Start
Endure Start
Low Kick


Fury Attack 17
Brick Break 23
Rock Slide 25
Counter 30
Block 33
Take Down 37


  • Herawoodo was created in 2006. Its original sprite appeared in earlier versions of Pokémon Fusion Generation before it was redesigned in 2013.