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# Name Dex Encounter - PFG Catch - PFG Encounter - PFGII Catch - PFGII
F001 Eeveesaur [1] Rival battles (if player picked Squirtle), Celadon City Fuse Ivysaur and Eevee, Ecruteak City (trade) Time Capsule
F002 Leafusaur [2] Rival battles (if player picked Squirtle), Fuschia City, S.S. Anne Evolve Eeveesaur Ever Grande City[A] Time Capsule, Fuse Venusaur and Leafeon
F003 Charvee [3] Rival battles (if player picked Bulbasaur), Under Lavender Town Fuse Charmeleon and Eevee, Ecruteak City (trade) Time Capsule
F004 Chareon [4] Rival battles (if player picked Bulbasaur), Cinnabar Island, S.S. Anne Evolve Charvee Conference of Champions, Ever Grande City[A] Time Capsule, Fuse Charizard and Flareon
F005 Warvee [5] Rival battles (if player picked Charmander), Under Lavender Town Fuse Charmeleon and Eevee, Ecruteak City (trade) Time Capsule
F006 Blastoreon [6] Rival battles (if player picked Charmander), S.S. Anne Evolve Warvee Ever Grande City[A] Time Capsule, Fuse Blastoise and Vaporeon
F007 Pikavee [7] Route 2, Cerulean City, Vermilion City Gym Fuse Pikachu and Eevee[B], Ecruteak City (trade) Time Capsule
F008 Raicheon [8] Partner with Bill in Goldenrod City Evolve Pikavee Ever Grande City[A] Time Capsule, Fuse Raichu and Jolteon
F009 Suntank [9] Celadon City Gym Celadon City Gym Ever Grande City[A] Time Capsule, Fuse Sunflora and Miltank
F010 Herawoodo [10] Pewter City Gym Pewter City Gym Ever Grande City[A] Time Capsule, Fuse Heracross and Sudowoodo
F011 Shuckerpie [11] Pewter City Gym Viridian Forest (only one, after defeating Brock) Time Capsule
F012 Wurmlord [12] Cerulean City Gym Cerulean City Gym Time Capsule
F013 Poliba [13] Cerulean City Gym Route 4 (only one, after defeating Misty) Time Capsule
F014 Squirtotto [14] Cerulean City Gym Route 45 Fuse Squirtle (migrate) and Pidgeotto
F015 Chantabuzz [15] Vermilion City Gym Vermilion City Gym Time Capsule
F016 Pikeleo [16] Vermilion City Gym Route 10 (only one, after defeating Lt. Surge) Time Capsule
F017 Pichtrio [17] Vermilion City Gym Fuse Pichu (Viridian Forest) and Dodrio - FM017 required Jubilife City Time Capsule, Fuse Pichu (migrate) and Dodrio (migrate)
F018 Grophan [18] Celadon City Gym Route 8 (only one, after defeating Erika) Time Capsule
F019 Girafiloom [19] Celadon City Gym Fuse Girafarig and Breloom - FM019 required Eterna City Gym Time Capsule, Fuse Girafarig and Breloom
F020 Dunbell [20] Celadon City Gym Fuse Dunsparce (Johto Underground) and Weepinbell - FM020 required Eterna City Gym Time Capsule, Fuse Dunsparce (migrate) and Weepinbell
F021 Hitmonjask [21] Fighting Dojo, Indigo Plateau Fighting Dojo Time Capsule
F022 Wailvanha [22] Under Saffron City, Under Celadon City, Safari Zone, Seafoam Islands, Magnet Train, New Bark Town Splicen Island (Good Rod), Shadow Cove (Good Rod), Northern Coast (Good Rod)
F023 Rattaviper [23] Under Saffron City Fuse Rattata and Seviper (trade) - FM023 required Time Capsule, Forbidden Jungle
F024 Mightylord [24] Under Celadon City, Seafoam Islands Slateport City Gym Evolve Wailmena
F025 Growlvee [25] Under Saffron City, Magnet Train Fuchsia City[C] Time Capsule
F026 Arcaneon [26] S.S. Anne Evolve Growlvee Conference of Champions Time Capsule, Fuse Arcanine and Flareon
F027 Munchduck [27] Safari Zone Safari Zone (only one) Time Capsule
F028 Snubbaquil [28] Under Saffron City Breed Lavabull with a Fusion
F029 Vultrike [29] Under Saffron City, Cinnabar Island Breed Manectales with a Fusion
F030 Sandtuff [30] Under Saffron City Canalave City Gym Fuse Sandshrew (migrate) and Wigglytuff
F031 Spuk [31] Fuchsia City Gym Route 17 (only one, after defeating Koga) Time Capsule
F032 Skarbok [32] Fuchsia City Gym Fuchsia City Gym Ever Grande City[A] Time Capsule, Fuse Skarmory and Arbok
F033 Beautichop [33] Route 18 Route 18 Time Capsule
F034 Medibat [34] Fuchsia City Gym, S.S. Anne Fuse Medicham (trade and evolve) and Golbat - FM034 required Eterna City Evolve Zutite
F035 Larvekans [35] Fuschia City Gym, S.S. Anne Canalave City Gym Fuse Larvitar and Ekans
F036 Reliviper [36] Fuchsia City Gym, Seafoam Islands Canalave City Gym, Laboratory D, Pewter City Gym Shadow Depths
F037 Pinbull [37] Safari Zone Safari Zone (only one) Time Capsule
F038 Kangaring [38] Safari Zone Safari Zone (only one) Ever Grande City[A] Time Capsule, Fuse Kangaskhan and Ursaring
F039 Scyligatr [39] Safari Zone Safari Zone (only one) Ever Grande City[A] Time Capsule, Fuse Scyther and Feraligatr
F040 Baytini [40] Safari Zone Safari Zone (only one) Time Capsule
F041 Beepom [41] Safari Zone Fuchsia City Eterna Forest Time Capsule[D], Fuse Beedrill and Aipom
F042 Feerabyss [42] Under Saffron City Route 205 Fuse Feebas (separate Baskarp) and Gorebyss (separate Liebyss)
F043 Mighterupt [43] Safari Zone, Seafoam Islands Slateport City Gym Evolve Poomel
F044 Weecada [44] Safari Zone Castelia City Gym Fuse Weedle and Nincada (Eterna Forest)
F045 Hyplup [45] Saffron City Gym Saffron City Gym Time Capsule
F046 Catdabra [46] Saffron City Gym, Indigo Plateau Route 6 (only one, after defeating Sabrina) Time Capsule
F047 Dewpoke [47] Saffron City Gym Fuse Dewgong and Slowpoke - FM047 required Route 45 Time Capsule, Fuse Dewgong and Slowpoke
F048 Shargong [48] Seafoam Islands Slateport City Gym Evolve Carveel
F049 Anopod [49] Seafoam Islands Canalave City Gym Revive Hard Claw Fossil
F050 Absithe [50] Seafoam Islands Fuse Absol and Growlithe - FM050 required Laboratory D Time Capsule, Fuse Absol and Growlithe
F051 Inferniken [51] Cinnabar Island Gym Cinnabar Island Gym Time Capsule
F052 Ponyporeon [52] Cinnabar Island Gym Route 20 (only one, after defeating Blaine) Time Capsule
F053 Typhlozee [53] Cinnabar Island Gym, S.S. Anne Route 3 Fuse Typhlosion and Drowzee
F054 Chachaquil [54] Cinnabar Island Gym, S.S. Anne Breed Charcolava or Charblazion with a Fusion
F055 Skareon [55] Cinnabar Island, S.S. Anne Castelia City Fuse Skarmory and Flareon
F056 Igglybat [56] Magnet Train Ecruteak City (Receive from Ellie) Time Capsule
F057 Venomander [57] Magnet Train Castelia City Gym Fuse Charmander (separate Chartini) and Venomoth
F058 Blastargo [58] Magnet Train Cerulean City Gym Fuse Blastoise and Magcargo
F059 Masqueform [59] Magnet Train Castelia City Gym Fuse Masquerain and Castform (migrate)
F060 Megadoom [60] Magnet Train Under New Bark Town (only one) Time Capsule
F061 Flaaper [61] Magnet Train, S.S. Anne Route 45 Fuse Flaaffy and Persian
F062 Gylotic [62] Magnet Train Evolve Baskarp
F063 Lapraqueen [63] Indigo Plateau Laboratory B Fuse Lapras (separate Laffalant) and Nidoqueen
F064 Blynx [64] Indigo Plateau Pallet Town Time Capsule
F065 Harygon [65] Indigo Plateau Victory Road Evolve Makubrava
F066 Mismagibok [66] Indigo Plateau Viridian City Gym Evolve Misekans
F067 Sneaseleye [67] Indigo Plateau Victory Road (only one, after defeating Champion) Time Capsule
F068 Crocodactl [68] Indigo Plateau Fuse Croconaw and Aerodactyl - FM068 required Conference of Champions Revive Amber Tooth
F069 Caskuna [69] S.S. Anne WTGR Evolve Weeple
F070 Gyaranite [70] Indigo Plateau Pallet Town Time Capsule
F071 Chargonite [71] Indigo Plateau Conference of Champions Evolve Meleonair
F072 Salanite [72] Indigo Plateau Conference of Champions Evolve Shelgonair
F073 Altarix [73] Indigo Plateau Opelucid City Gym, Conference of Champions Fuse Altaria and Onix
F074 Miserade [74] Indigo Plateau Fuchsia City (exchange for Beepom[D]) Time Capsule
F075 Mangler [75] Indigo Plateau Mauville City Gym Evolve Magnekrabb
F076 Mewtrizard [76] Indigo Plateau Cerulean Cave Time Capsule
F077 Venustoise [77] Pallet Town Evolve Ivytortle
F078 Dialxys [78] Indigo Plateau Indigo Plateau (only one) Time Capsule
F079 Mania [79] Indigo Plateau Shadow Depths (only one, Phione egg required)
F080 Snorachi [80] Indigo Plateau The Moon (only one)[E]
F081 Lucarigas [81] Indigo Plateau Aura Chamber (Trio Trio required)
F082 Raylix [82] Indigo Plateau Fuse Rayquaza and Steelix (Johto Underground) - FM082 required Verdanturf Town Time Capsule, Fuse Rayquaza (migrate) and Steelix
F083 Meowkey [83] Under Saffron City WTGR Fuse Meowth and Mankey
F084 Stidgey [84] S.S. Anne Battle Dawn Splicen Island (Beach), Forbidden Jungle
F085 Chanseychu [85] S.S. Anne Laboratory D Evolve Happichu
F086 Arbokachu [86] S.S. Anne Mauville City Gym Evolve Pikans
F087 Gitto [87] S.S. Anne WTGR Fuse Gastly (Eterna Forest) and Ditto (separate Dittomime)
F088 Pachislash [88] S.S. Anne Mauville City Gym Hidden Passage
F089 Wurmplair [89] S.S. Anne Eterna City Fuse Wurmple and Dragonair
F090 Tynub [90] S.S. Anne Castelia City (Egg Dealer)
F091 Tropilem [91] S.S. Anne Pewter City Gym Fuse Tropius (migrate) and Golem (migrate Graveler)
F092 Jigglybell [92] S.S. Anne Blackthorn City Gym Evolve Iggloom with Sun Stone
F093 Chirp [93] S.S. Anne Eterna City Gym Fuse Chimchar, Turtwig, and Piplup
F094 Burplax [94] S.S. Anne Castelia City Gym Fuse Burmy, Happiny, and Munchlax (separate Teplax)
F095 Piglax [95] S.S. Anne Evolve Teplax (happiness)
F096 Gyaratik [96] S.S. Anne Castelia City Gym Fuse Gyarados and Joltik
F097 Vullapi [97] S.S. Anne Breed Buzztic with a Fusion
F098 Clefentret [98] S.S. Anne Splicen Island
F099 Quilkorita [99] S.S. Anne Route 205 Fuse Quilava and Chikorita
F100 Loly [100] S.S. Anne Mt. Helix
F101 Starpunny [101] S.S. Anne Mt. Helix
F102 Pidgetops [102] S.S. Anne Pewter City Gym Evolve Pidgebuto
F103 Rhydark [103] Rock Tunnel (only one, after defeating Blue) Evolve Zoruhorn
F104 Luvitar [104] Route 16 (Valentine required) Conference of Champions Time Capsule, Fuse Luvdisc (Ever Grande City) and Tyranitar
# Name Sprite Encounter - PFGII Catch - PFGII
F105 Chikovee [105] Battle Dawn (if you picked Totovee) Sea Cottage - starter, Breed Meganeon or Glamega with a Fusion
F106 Bayveon [106] Battle Dawn (if you picked Totovee) Evolve Chikovee[F]
F107 Meganeon [107] Battle Dawn (if you picked Totovee), Laboratory A (if you picked Cyndavee) Evolve Bayveon, Fuse Meganium (migrate) and Leafeon
F108 Cyndavee [108] Battle Dawn (if you picked Chikovee) Sea Cottage - starter, Breed Typhlareon or Esplosion with a Fusion
F109 Quiveon [109] Battle Dawn (if you picked Chikovee) Evolve Cyndavee[F]
F110 Typhlareon [110] Battle Dawn (if you picked Chikovee), Laboratory A (if you picked Totovee) Evolve Quiveon, Fuse Typhlosion (migrate) and Flareon
F111 Totovee [111] Battle Dawn (if you picked Cyndavee) Sea Cottage - starter, Breed Feraleon or Umbrigatr with a Fusion
F112 Croveon [112] Battle Dawn (if you picked Cyndavee) Evolve Totovee[F]
F113 Feraleon [113] Battle Dawn (if you picked Cyndavee), Laboratory A (if you picked Chikovee) Evolve Croveon, Fuse Feraligatr (migrate) and Vaporeon
F114 Glamega [114] Castelia City, Conference of Champions Evolve Ice Bayveon
F115 Esplosion [115] Evolve Psy Quiveon
F116 Umbrigatr [116] Blackthorn City Gym Evolve Dark Croveon
F117 Happichu [117] Enchanted Rainforest Habitat (egg)
F118 Blissichu [118] Castelia City, Mauville City Gym Evolve Chanseychu
F119 Stidgeotto [119] Battle Dawn Evolve Stidgey, Mt. Helix
F120 Stidgeot [120] Battle Dawn Evolve Stidgeotto
F121 Ratrat [121] Laboratory A Splicen Island (Beach)
F122 Ratchog [122] Laboratory A Evolve Ratrat
F123 Clefurret [123] Laboratory A Evolve Clefentret, Mt. Helix
F124 Waddlepie [124] WTGR, Castelia City Gym Forbidden Jungle
F125 Swadpod [125] WTGR, Castelia City Gym Evolve Waddlepie, Forbidden Jungle
F126 Leafree [126] Castelia City Gym Evolve Swadpod
F127 Weeple [127] WTGR Forbidden Jungle
F128 Beetox [128] WTGR Evolve Caskuna
F129 Pikans [129] Mauville City Gym Forbidden Jungle
F130 Snoothoot [130] Route 11 Forbidden Jungle
F131 Granowl [131] Route 25 Evolve Snoothoot
F132 Wailmena [132] Slateport City Gym Dark Swamp Habitat
F133 Poomel [133] Slateport City Gym Fuse Poochyena and Numel (separate Slumel)
F134 Mareevee [134] Mauville City Gym Fuse Mareep (Shadow Cove) and Eevee
F135 Flaaveon [135] Mauville City Gym Evolve Mareevee[F]
F136 Ampheon [136] Castelia City, Mauville City Gym Evolve Flaaveon[F]
F137 Sylpharos [137] Victory Road Evolve Nymph Flaaveon
F138 Baskarp [138] Route 218 Splicen Island (Old Rod)
F139 Milodos [139] Conference of Champions Evolve Baskarp holding Prism Scale
F140 Slumel [140] Canalave City Gym Drillett Caverns (Old Rod, Good Rod, Super Rod)
F141 Magrupt [141] Ever Grande City Evolve Slumel
F142 Krickoth [142] Route 11 Fuse Kricketot (Eterna Forest) and Slakoth
F143 Kricking [143] Castelia City Gym Evolve Krickoth
F144 Starus [144] Route 9, Mt. Moon Splicen Island (Super Rod), Shadow Cove (Super Rod), Northern Coast (Super Rod)
F145 Venofairy [145] Route 11 Fuse Venonat and Clefairy (migrate or catch on the Moon)
F146 Venofable [146] Battle Dawn Evolve Venofairy
F147 Wartot [147] Conference of Champions Fuse Wartortle (migrate) and Pidgeot
F148 Warma [148] Route 204 Fuse Wartortle (migrate) and Slugma
F149 Zutite [149] WTGR Drillett Caverns
F150 Foongrow [150] WTGR Forbidden Jungle (only one)
F151 Amoongrow [151] Route 25 Evolve Foongrow
F152 Mimesly [152] Canalave City Gym Forbidden Jungle (only one)
F153 Mr. Woodo [153] Evolve Mimesly
F154 Lavabull [154] Route 205 Fuse Quilava (migrate) and Granbull (migrate)
F155 Ponygrowl [155] Laboratory D Drillett Caverns
F156 Arcadash [156] Blackthorn City Gym, Ever Grande City Evolve Ponygrowl
F157 Arcubone [157] Laboratory D Fuse Cubone and Arcanine
F158 Ponybone [158] Laboratory B Fuse Cubone and Ponyta
F159 Rapowak [159] Route 45 Evolve Ponybone
F160 Batatta [160] WTGR Fuse Rattata and Zubat
F161 Batticate [161] WTGR, Eterna City Evolve Battata
F162 Sharplord [162] Slateport City Gym Evolve Wailvanha
F163 Taurotank [163] Route 204 Mt. Helix
F164 Gasorb [164] Laboratory C (before restoring power)
F165 Hauntrode [165] WTGR Evolve Gasorb, Mt. Helix (icy cave)
F166 Drillett [166] WTGR Drillett Caverns
F167 Drilltrio [167] Laboratory B, Ever Grande City Evolve Drillett, Drillett Caverns (dust clouds)
F168 Minusle [168] Mauville City Gym Mt. Helix
F169 Manectales [169] Mauville City Gym Fuse Manectric and Ninetales
F170 Arbitar [170] Route 9, Conference of Champions Evolve Larvekans
F171 Kakunin [171] Castelia City Gym Evolve Weecada
F172 Mariblitz [172] Laboratory C Enchanted Rainforest Habitat
F173 Strikazum [173] Route 3 Evolve Mariblitz
F174 Nidopinch [174] WTGR Drillett Caverns
F175 Nidorava [175] Route 45 Evolve Nidopinch
F176 Flyking [176] Laboratory B Evolve Nidorava
F177 Deinoran [177] Route 45 Drillett Caverns
F178 Zweilorina [178] Route 45 Evolve Deinoran
F179 Hydraqueen [179] Laboratory X Evolve Zweilorina
F180 Soluna [180] Canalave City Gym Drillett Caverns
F181 Seedinx [181] Shadow Cove
F182 Nuzlux [182] Route 3 Mt. Helix, Evolve Seedinx
F183 Shiftray [183] Ever Grande City Evolve Nuzlux
F184 Duckrow [184] Route 204 Shadow Cove
F185 Swarow [185] Route 25 Evolve Duckrow
F186 Chartini [186] Blackthorn City Gym Drillett Caverns (Super Rod)
F187 Meleonair [187] Blackthorn City Gym Evolve Chartini
F188 Magmoraid [188] Route 218 Drillett Caverns (Old Rod, Good Rod, Super Rod)
F189 Octimar [189] Ever Grande City, Battle Dawn (if you picked Totovee) Drillett Caverns (Super Rod), Evolve Magmoraid
F190 Sunper [190] Eterna City Gym Shadow Cove
F191 Sunquag [191] Mt. Moon, Cerulean City Gym Evolve Sunper
F192 Carveel [192] Laboratory B Dark Swamp Habitat
F193 Tangelonix [193] Quarantine Lab (only one)
F194 Grosteel [194] Evolve Tangelonix
F195 Sneaperl [195] Shadow Depths
F196 Weatail [196] Partner with Silver Evolve Sneaperl, Shadow Depths
F197 Purrperl [197] Shadow Depths
F198 Liebyss [198] Laboratory A Evolve Purrperl, Shadow Depths
F199 Numoink [199] Sunny Habitat
F200 Grumperupt [200] Slateport City Gym Evolve Numoink
F201 Litsmooch [201] Sunny Habitat
F202 Lampynx [202] Viridian City Gym, Conference of Champions Evolve Litsmooch
F203 Rosecub [203] Snowy Meadow Habitat
F204 Bearade [204] Eterna City Gym Evolve Rosecub
F205 Mawvine [205] Battle Dawn (if you picked Cyndavee) Mt. Helix
F206 Eggmite [206] Snowy Meadow Habitat
F207 Exelugg [207] Ever Grande City, Conference of Champions Evolve Eggmite
F208 Arnown [208] Route 11 Hidden Passage
F209 Parados [209] Canalave City Gym Revive Shroom Skull Fossil
F210 Ramasect [210] Canalave City Gym Evolve Parados
F211 Brodude [211] Canalave City Gym Drillett Caverns (Rock Smash)
F212 Braveler [212] Canalave City Gym Evolve Brodude
F213 Finneorb [213] Mauville City Gym Fuse Finneon and Voltorb
F214 Luminode [214] Mauville City Gym Evolve Finneorb
F215 Magnekrabb [215] Mauville City Gym Fuse Magneton and Krabby
F216 Meowchu [216] Mauville City Gym Fuse Meowth and Raichu
F217 Meowreep [217] Mauville City Gym Fuse Meowth and Mareep
F218 Emolfisk [218] Mauville City Gym Mt. Helix
F219 Omaloon [219] Canalave City Gym Revive Cursed Helix Fossil
F220 Drifstar [220] Mt. Moon Evolve Omaloon
F221 Pidgebuto [221] Canalave City Gym Revive Feathered Dome Fossil
F222 Armafree [222] Ever Grande City Evolve Anopod
F223 Lilipede [223] Castelia City Gym Revive Poison Root Fossil
F224 Scoldily [224] Ever Grande City Evolve Lilipede
F225 Belchen [225] Canalave City Gym Revive Metal Plume Fossil
F226 Mecheops [226] Ever Grande City Evolve Belchen
F227 Snodon [227] Canalave City Gym Revive Frozen Armor Fossil
F228 Glaliodon [228] Ever Grande City Evolve Snodon (Lv. 36)
F229 Frostiodon [229] Ever Grande City Evolve Snodon with Dawn Stone
F230 Cottonouga [230] Canalave City Gym Revive Puffy Cover Fossil
F231 Whimsicosta [231] Route 3 Evolve Cottonouga
F232 Laffalant [232] Laboratory B Northern Coast (only one)
F233 Sphearon [233] Canalave City Gym Shadow Depths
F234 Sealair [234] Ever Grande City Evolve Sphearon
F235 Aggrein [235] Ever Grande City Evolve Sealair
F236 Whismaron [236] Canalave City Gym Fuse Whismur and Aron (separate Sphearon)
F237 Loudron [237] Route 45 Evolve Whismaron
F238 Aggroloud [238] Ever Grande City Evolve Loudron
F239 Roggish [239] Canalave City Gym, Laboratory A Fuse Roggenrola (Drillett Caverns) and Trubbish (Route 9)
F240 Boldodor [240] Laboratory A Evolve Roggish
F241 Cactini [241] Blackthorn City Gym Fuse Dratini and Cacnea (Mauville City trade)
F242 Cacturnair [242] Blackthorn City Gym Evolve Cactini
F243 Swirlikid [243] Enchanted Rainforest Habitat
F244 Electapuff [244] Route 3 Evolve Swirlikid
F245 Sprinchou [245] Enchanted Rainforest Habitat, Shadow Depths
F246 Lanturoma [246] Cerulean City Gym Evolve Sprinchou
F247 Paraid [247] Route 218 Fuse Paras and Remoraid (separate Magmoraid)
F248 Octisect [248] Castelia City Gym Evolve Paraid
F249 Bunearisu [249] Mauville City Gym Fuse Buneary (Eterna Forest) and Pachirisu (Route 205)
F250 Spintik [250] Mauville City Gym Hidden Passage
F251 Galvaria [251] Conference of Champions Evolve Spintik (Lv. 29)
F252 Stunkbat [252] WTGR, Eterna City Fuse Stunky (Canalave City trade) and Golbat
F253 Crotank [253] Eterna City Evolve Stunkbat
F254 Croakoff [254] WTGR, Eterna City Fuse Croagunk (Jubilife City trade) and Koffing (migrate)
F255 Croaking [255] Eterna City Evolve Croakoff
F256 Grimeow [256] WTGR, Eterna City Fuse Grimer (migrate) and Glameow (migrate)
F257 Mugly [257] Route 25 Evolve Grimeow
F258 Zoruhorn [258] WTGR, Laboratory B Mt. Helix (cave 1F)
F259 Permape [259] WTGR, Laboratory B Evolve Meowkey
F260 Lowkey [260] WTGR Fuse Taillow (Route 110) and Mankey (Route 3, Route 4)
F261 Swellape [261] Route 25 Evolve Lowkey
F262 Dedino [262] Laboratory A Enchanted Rainforest Habitat
F263 Shupetil [263] Laboratory A Fuse Shuppet (migrate) and Petilil (Floaroma Town trade)
F264 Lillinette [264] Castelia City Evolve Shupetil
F265 Shelmunna [265] Laboratory D Fuse Shelmet (Route 11) and Munna (Cerulean City trade)
F266 Gorsharna [266] Castelia City Gym Evolve Shelmunna
F267 Skorupdile [267] Laboratory A Fuse Skorupi (Eterna City trade) and Sandile (Pewter City trade)
F268 Krokon [268] Laboratory A Evolve Skorupdile
F269 Psyphish [269] Route 204 Dark Swamp Habitat
F270 Goldaunt [270] Ever Grande City, Cerulean City Gym Evolve Psyphish
F271 Psygoose [271] Route 204, Victory Road Fuse Psyduck (Route 204) and Zangoose (migrate)
F272 Riolard [272] Laboratory B Fuse Riolu (Drillett Caverns) and Pawniard (Shadow Cove)
F273 Lusharp [273] Laboratory X Evolve Riolard
F274 Abrachop [274] Laboratory D Fuse Abra and Machop
F275 Kadabroke [275] Laboratory D Evolve Abrachop
F276 Alakachamp [276] Battle Dawn Fuse Alakazam (migrate Kadabra) and Machamp (migrate Machoke)
F277 Cherulia [277] Laboratory B Fuse Cherubi (Honey) and Kirlia (evolve Ralts from Route 204)
F278 Cherrivoir [278] Eterna City Gym Evolve Cherulia
F279 Gallavoir [279] Conference of Champions Fuse Gallade and Gardevoir
F280 Misekans [280] Laboratory D Fuse Misdreavus and Ekans
F281 Teplax [281] Drillett Caverns (lower level)
F282 Pigaxe [282] Opelucid City Gym Fuse Tepig (separate Teplax) and Axew (Opelucid City trade)
F283 Fragnite [283] Opelucid City Gym Evolve Pigaxe
F284 Emborus [284] Opelucid City Gym Evolve Fragnite
F285 Kecligon [285] Opelucid City Gym Fuse Kecleon (migrate) and Druddigon (Mt. Helix)
F286 Goldoof [286] Route 11 Fuse Goldeen and Bidoof
F287 Searel [287] Cerulean City Gym, Conference of Champions Evolve Goldoof
F288 Pansno [288] Battle Dawn (if you picked Chikovee) Snowy Meadow Habitat
F289 Simisnow [289] Battle Dawn (if you picked Chikovee), Castelia City Evolve Pansno
F290 Pansita [290] Battle Dawn (if you picked Cyndavee) Sunny Habitat
F291 Simirita [291] Battle Dawn (if you picked Cyndavee), Castelia City Evolve Pansita
F292 Panpink [292] Battle Dawn (if you picked Totovee) Dark Swamp Habitat
F293 Similamar [293] Battle Dawn (if you picked Totovee), Castelia City Evolve Panpink
F294 Swaggy [294] E-Team battles Fuse Swoobat (evolve Woobat from Mt. Helix) and Scraggy (Castelia City Egg Dealer)
F295 Toyzor [295] Route 11 Drillett Caverns
F296 Clayzong [296] E-Team battles Evolve Toyzor
F297 Natursa [297] Route 11 Fuse Natu (migrate) and Teddiursa (Route 45)
F298 Xatursa [298] Blackthorn City Gym Evolve Natursa
F299 Duochic [299] Route 11 Fuse Doduo (migrate) and Torchic (migrate)
F300 Combustrio [300] Route 25 Evolve Duochic
F301 Makubrava [301] Route 204 Fuse Makuhita (Victory Road) and Vibrava (separate Nidopinch and evolve)
F302 Feebrava [302] Route 204 Fuse Feebas (separate Baskarp) and Vibrava (separate Nidopinch and evolve)
F303 Milogon [303] Victory Road Evolve Feebrava
F304 Caterpins [304] Route 11 Fuse Caterpie and Pinsir (migrate)
F305 Shellsea [305] Splicen Island (Good Rod, Super Rod), Shadow Cove (Good Rod, Super Rod), Northern Coast (Good Rod)
F306 Seadon [306] Blackthorn City Gym Evolve Shellsea, Shadow Cove (Super Rod), Northern Coast (Super Rod)
F307 Gastras [307] Conference of Champions Fuse Gastrodon (separate Seadon) and Lapras (separate Laffalant)
F308 Pilee [308] Route 25 Evolve Tynub (Atk > Def)
F309 Pilochan [309] Blackthorn City Gym Evolve Tynub (Atk < Def)
F310 Pilotop [310] Route 45 Evolve Tynub (Atk = Def)
F311 Iggloom [311] Eterna City Gym Fuse Igglybuff and Gloom
F312 Jiggleplume [312] Eterna City Gym Evolve Iggloom with Leaf Stone
F313 Buzztic [313] Victory Road Fuse Mandibuzz (evolve Vullaby from Route 11) with Togetic (evolve Togepi from Castelia City)
F314 Wormslax [314] Castelia City Gym Evolve Burplax
F315 Bulbasquirt [315] Route 45 Fuse Bulbasaur (migrate) and Squirtle (migrate)
F316 Ivytortle [316] Route 45 Evolve Bulbasquirt
F317 Charcolava [317] Route 3 Fuse Charmeleon (separate and evolve Chartini), Monferno (hatch and evolve Chimchar), Combusken (hatch), and Quilava (migrate)
F318 Charblazion [318] Ever Grande City Evolve Charcolava
F319 Mongrol [319] Eterna City Gym Evolve Chirp
F320 Interreon [320] Eterna City Gym Evolve Mongrol
F321 Tyleef [321] Blackthorn City Gym Evolve Quilkorita
F322 Ferroshell [322] Laboratory C Snowy Meadow Habitat
F323 Ferroyster [323] Ever Grande City Evolve Ferroshell
F324 Mudly [324] Viridian City Gym Fuse Mudkip (Egg Dealer) and Gastly (Eterna Forest)
F325 Marshaunt [325] Viridian City Gym Evolve Mudly
F326 Swampgar [326] Viridian City Gym Evolve Marshaunt
F327 Gascythe [327] Viridian City Gym Fuse Gastly (Eterna Forest) and Scyther (migrate)
F328 Haunzor [328] Viridian City Gym Evolve Gascythe
F329 Slugitty [329] Route 204 Fuse Slugma and Skitty
F330 Delcargo [330] Route 25 Evolve Slugitty
F331 Slugish [331] Route 204 Fuse Slugma and Vanillish (Mt. Helix)
F332 Magnilluxe [332] Ever Grande City Evolve Slugish
F333 Treehound [333] Eterna City Fuse Treeko (Egg Dealer) and Houndoom (migrate)
F334 Grodoom [334] Eterna City Evolve Treehound
F335 Terrakoal [335] Ever Grande City Fuse Torterra (migrate) and Torkoal (Drillett Caverns)
F336 Rotogon [336] Old Chateau (only one)[G]
F337 Ekanaut [337] Castelia City Egg Dealer
F338 Arbuffet [338] Team Rocket battles Evolve Ekanaut
F339 Weeping [339] Breed Treezing with a Fusion
F340 Treezing [340] Team Rocket battles Fuse Victreebel and Weezing (migrate)
F341 Waily [341] Route 205 Fuse Wailord and Skitty
F342 Duskwaddle [342] Viridian City Gym Fuse Duskull (migrate) and Sewaddle (Forbidden Jungle)
F343 Duscloon [343] Viridian City Gym Evolve Duskwaddle
F344 Duskanny [344] Viridian City Gym Evolve Duscloon
F345 Dittomime [345] Laboratory B Drillett Caverns (only one, after completing Laboratory B)
F346 Buizenfoo [346] Shadow Cove
F347 Floatshao [347] Route 25 Evolve Buizenfoo
F348 Lobble [348] Castelia City Gym Fuse Lotad (migrate) and Dwebble (Splicen Island)
F349 Ludicrust [349] Castelia City Gym Evolve Lobble
F350 Champiny [350] Castelia City Fuse Pancham (Egg Dealer) and Happiny
F351 Changoro [351] Castelia City Evolve Champiny
F352 Joltikeon [352] Castelia City Fuse Joltik (separate Spintik from Hidden Passage) and Jolteon
F353 Liligoon [353] Route 204 Shadow Cove
F354 Linier [354] Route 25 Evolve Liligoon
F355 Slomaka [355] Laboratory C Sunny Habitat
F356 Slomanitan [356] Castelia City Evolve Slomaka
F357 Darmaking [357] [358] Fuse Darmanitan and Slowking (migrate)
F358 Frillccino [359] Castelia City Splicen Island, Shadow Cove
F359 Jelliccino [360] Viridian City Evolve Frillccino
F360 Scragloin [361] Laboratory A Fuse Scraggy and Purrloin
F361 Scrapard [362] Laboratory A Evolve Scragloin
F362 Blumask [363] Viridian City Fuse Swablu (migrate) and Yamask (Castelia City trade)
F363 Cofataria [364] Laboratory X Evolve Blumask
F364 Hopsolo [365] Shadow Cove
F365 Skipduo [366] Route 45 Evolve Hopsolo
F366 Reuniclump [367] Conference of Champions Evolve Skipduo
F367 Tentagull [368] Castelia City Splicen Island, Shadow Cove, Northern Coast
F368 Pelicruel [369] Route 45, Conference of Champions Evolve Tentagull, Northern Coast
F369 Tentanat [370] Route 45, Conference of Champions Fuse Tentacruel and Venonat (Route 25)
F370 Burrott [371] Drillett Caverns (upper level)
F371 Durrwott [372] Victory Road Evolve Burrott
F372 Conkerott [373] Victory Road Evolve Durrwott
F373 Tynivy [374] Route 11 Shadow Cove
F374 Eelektrivine [375] Victory Road Evolve Tynivy
F375 Serpeross [376] Laboratory X Evolve Eelektrivine
F376 Glorygon-Z [377] Laboratory A Fuse Gligar (Route 45) and Porygon-Z (Slateport City trade)
F377 Eyepach [378] Viridian City Fuse Sabeleye (migrate) and Pachirisu
F378 Sigilure [379] Victory Road Mt. Helix
F379 Tymwag [380] Northern Coast (Good Rod)
F380 Palpiwhirl [381] Route 45 Evolve Tymwag, Northern Coast (Super Rod)
F381 Seismiwrath [382] Route 45 Evolve Palpiwhirl
F382 Solitoed [383] Laboratory X Fuse Seismitoad (separate Seismiwrath) and Politoed (migrate)
F383 Hippactus [384] Victory Road Fuse Hippowdon (separate Tyrowdon) and Maractus (Viridian City trade)
F384 Elbee [385] Castelia City Gym Honey (Splicen only)
F385 Bequen [386] Route 3 Evolve Elbee
F386 Chatsprout [387] Eterna City Gym Forbidden Jungle
F387 Ambizurill [388] Eterna Forest Fuse Ambipom and Azurill (Route 117)
F388 Barbotic [389] Route 205 Fuse Barboach (Route 205) and Togetic (Egg Dealer)
F389 Kisscash [390] Victory Road Evolve Barbotic
F390 Ledytyke [391] Castelia City Shadow Cove
F391 Leditine [392] Evolve Ledytyke, Northern Coast
F392 Qwilfort [393] Castelia City Fuse Qwilfish (Blackthorn City trade) and Forretress (evolve Pineco from Route 204)
F393 Farfursa [394] Route 11 Fuse Farfetch'd (migrate) and Teddiursa
F394 Gotung [395] Viridian City Gym Mt. Helix
F395 Lurkylurky [396] Dark Cave Evolve Gotung
F396 Mothsol [397] Ever Grande City Fuse Mothim and Absol (migrate)
F397 Bellsea [398] Route 11 Fuse Beldum (separate Belchen) and Horsea
F398 Seatang [399] Blackthorn City Gym Evolve Bellsea
F399 Kingross [400] Ever Grande City Evolve Seatang
F400 Magnaboo [401] Castelia City Fuse Magnemite and Pumpkaboo (Kiloude City trade)
F401 Magnegeist [402] Conference of Champions Evolve Magnaboo
F402 Runtopotas [403] Revive Sandy Jaw Fossil
F403 Tyrowdon [404] Conference of Champions Evolve Runtopotas
F404 Gumaura [405] Revive Sticky Sail Fossil
F405 Swalorus [406] Conference of Champions Evolve Gumaura
F406 Chonix [407] Mt. Moon Drillett Caverns
F407 Steelecho [408] Pewter City Gym Evolve Chonix, Mt. Helix
F408 Arigarig [409] Victory Road Fuse Girafarig with Girafarig
F409 Stanbuck [410] Victory Road Fuse Stantler (migrate) and Sawsbuck (Route 2 trade for Deerling)
F410 Larvitot [411] Canalave City Gym Fuse Larvitar and Seedot
F411 Pupileaf [412] Route 45 Evolve Larvitot
F412 Tyranitry [413] Ever Grande City, Conference of Champions Evolve Pupileaf
F413 Silconite [414] Viridian Forest Fuse Silcoon (Eterna Forest) and Dragonite
F414 Casconite [415] Viridian Forest Fuse Cascoon (Eterna Forest) and Dragonite
F415 Lartini [416] Eterna Forest Fuse Larvitar and Dratini
F416 Pupinair [417] Dark Cave Evolve Lartini
F417 Tyranite [418] Conference of Champions Evolve Pupinair
F418 Bagonini [419] Eterna Forest Dragon's Den (gift)
F419 Shelgonair [420] Blackthorn City Gym Evolve Bagonini
F420 Gichop [421] Drillett Caverns
F421 Gabichoke [422] Route 4 Evolve Gichop
F422 Garchamp [423] Conference of Champions Evolve Gabichoke
F423 Slikidd [424] Mt. Helix
F424 Googoat [425] Conference of Champions Evolve Slikidd
F425 Spirona [426] Conference of Champions Fuse Spiritomb (migrate) and Volcarona (Egg Dealer)
F426 Zoroxys [427] The Moon (only one)
F427 Melosmear [428] Castelia City Gym
F428 Latile [429] Victory Road (Receive from Looker after capturing Latiken)
F429 Latiken [430] Victory Road (only one)[H]
F430 Genedinja [431] Laboratory B New Clay Ridge (only one)[H]
F431 Shaydile [432] Use Gracidea Nectar at Splicen Island
F432 Dialabi [433] Laboratory B (only one)[H]
F433 Thundureel [434] Enchanted Rainforest Habitat (only one)[H][L]
F434 Lanterock [435] Sunny Habitat (only one)[H][L]
F435 Torunice [436] Snowy Meadow Habitat or Dark Swamp Habitat (only one)[H][L]
F436 Zapmolcuno [437] Helix Peak (only one)[I]
F437 Hogia [438] Laboratory B New Bark Town (only one, after collecting Crystal Badge)
F438 Zekresh [439] Laboratory X Fuse Zekrom (Route 9) and Reshiram (Route 11)[J]
F439 Eon [440] Splicen Island (only one)[K]
F440 Mewtini [441] Download


A  The Champion's team varies depending on Fusion Generation save data.

B  Must have Pikachu in your party, but not Ivysaur, Charmeleon, or Wartortle.

C  Receive from Bill's sister if Pikavee is in your party, or Raicheon if done after defeating the Elite Four.

D  Migrating the stolen Beepom will prevent you from completing a story event and is not recommended or necessary to obtain a Beepom in Fusion Generation II.

E  Snorachi must first be encountered at Shadow Cove after defeating the Elite Four, awakened with the Poké Flute from Castelia City, then encountered at New Clay Ridge, Mt. Helix, and Helix Peak.

F  Evolving Chikovee, Cyndavee, Totovee, or Marevee in the Snowy Meadow, Sunny, Dark Swamp, or Enchanted Rainforest Habitat respectively will result in its alternate form.

G  Rotogon will appear after leading Rotom from the TV to the laptop. After encountering Charon enough times and talking to him in the foyer, stand facing away from the TV until it jumps out and then without looking at it, make your way to the computer.

H  Only appears after defeating the Elite Four.

I  Collect the Blue Feather from Viridian City, the Yellow Feather from Laboratory A, and the Red Feather from Kiloude City.

J  Zekrom and Reshiram will appear at random after defeating the Elite Four.

K  Eon will appear on Splicen Island after competing in the Conference of Champions and then encountering it outside the Battle Maison, at Eterna Forest, in Dark Cave, and at Route 25.

L  Thundereel, Lanterock, and Torunice each have a chance of appearing once per day until they are caught.