Summary Edit

Number F004
Type Fire Flying
Subspecies Charizard + Flareon
Abilities Blaze

Chareon is one of the starter fusions you can obtain by fusing Charmeleon with Eevee, and evolving it at level 36. It is one of the five Pokémon fusions that can evolve due to Eevee's unstable genetic make-up. Like Charizard, it is a fire and flying type. If you picked Bulbasaur, your rival will battle with one.

In the games Edit

It has the mane, Body and Head of a flareon, And the tail and wings of a Charizard, Even if the Player did not choose Charmander, Chareon is still obtainable. You can also obtain a Charvee by trading a Typhlosion in Ecruteak city, and evolving it.