Number F015
Type Electr2
Subspecies Chansey + Electabuzz
Abilities Static

Chantabuzz is a Fusion pokemon created from an Electabuzz and a Chansey.

Obtaining ChantabuzzEdit

When the player first meets Lt. Surge, he will demand a Fusion Pokemon from Bill, who is not interested in making Pokemon Fusions anymore, and declines Lt. Surge a Pikavee. Later, Surge turns up in your Gym Battle against him, with a Chantabuzz, claiming that it is better. After you defeat him however, he quickly claims that he thought it to be useless all along and leaves it with you.

Game DataEdit

Pokédex InfoEdit

Electric Egg Pokemon

HT 3'07"

WT 142.4 lbs

Pokédex EntryEdit

"At heart it's still a healer, but it's eager to use those big, strong arms."


  • Vermilion City (Defeat Lt.Surge)

Base Stats Edit

HP 157
Attack 44
Defense 31
Special Attack 65
Special Defense 95
Speed 77
Base Stat Total 469


Move Level
Quick Attack Start
Softboiled Start
Refresh Start
Shock Wave Start
Thunderbolt 47

In future Pokemon Fusion gamesEdit

While Chantabuzz is an Electric type currently, it is probable that in a future Pokemon Fusion game it will be an Electric/Fairy type!